How to Activate Roku on

Roku is a streaming device to turn both smart and non-smart TV to a new device that is different from what you could ever imagine with quality designs and graphics. Other Roku features include excellent picture & streaming quality, internet connectivity options, 4K & HDR streaming options, compatible remote, quad-core processor and lot more. However, Roku prompts users to visit or Roku app for their mobile device OS to manage and control their Roku devices with the help of an activation code called Roku com link activation code.

The feature the Roku com link offers makes it easy to control and activate Roku online with a unique activation code.  In this guide, I will detail everything you need to know about activation and how to make effective use of it. We will also talk about the main URL Roku com link that you need to use when managing and controlling your Roku device online.

Roku Streaming Channel Model

When you want to get the Roku streaming device we recommend that you get the latest release. And here are some recommended Roku model to get whenever you think about Roku.

  • Streaming Stick
  • Streaming Stick Plus
  • Express
  • Express Plus
  • Roku Premiere
  • Roku Premiere plus
  • Roku Ultra
  • Roku 3,Roku 4 & Roku 1

To check out the complete Roku model lists and their specification refer to this source.

Roku com Link Activation Requirement

The basic requirements to activate Roku are listed below. After getting your Roku streaming device or Roku streaming TV, make sure the following requirements are available to be able to activate the device.

  • Roku Account.
  • Power cable & Ethernet cable or an HDMI
  • TV provider’s network.
  • Router to connect the Roku device to so that it can connect directly to the internet.
  • Roku URL

First, we will walk you through how to create a Roku account if you do not have one.

Roku Com Link Create Roku Account

  • Go to the official Roku website on a phone or PC browser.
  • Click on the “Sign in” to the right of the web page.
  • Click “Create Account” under “create a Roku account.”
  • You will be taken to the signup page. Fill the registration form and click on the “Continue” button. Check “I am 18, accept the terms and conditions, and check “I’m not a robot” before you click on the “Continue” button.

Your Roku account will be created. This account and will be needed to activate your Roku streaming device. The steps to create a Roku account on mobile using the official Roku app is simple and direct.

How to Connect your Roku to Smart TV

If you are not using Roku smart TV you’d need to connect the streaming device to your smart TV with the help of the USB cable and the Ethernal we suggested above.

  • Connect the Roku smart TV to an HDMI. If you don’t have you can check Amazon or Ebau for HDMI. And connect the other end of the HDMI connect ed to the Roku to your TV or monitor. On the contrary, if you are using Roku stick instead of the device there is no need to connect the Roku streaming stick to an HDMI just insert the stick into your TV HDMI port.
  • Connect the Roku to an AC adapter and press the switch on the button to turn on the Roku device. Some Roku old Roku uses a round plug while the new Roku model makes use of a Micro-SUB connector.
  • Switch the TV on and set the TV to the correct Roku channel using the TV remote control. Now, you should see the Roku welcome message.
  • Now, insert the batteries into the Roku remote control. However, you might be prompt to press on the Roku reset button for a few seconds to reset the device.

Now, it’s all set. It’s time to activate your Roku and input the activation code on Roku com link ( web page for activation.

How to Generate Roku Code

You need to generate Roku code for activation or retrieve Roku activation code to complete the Roku com link activation process. And here is how to retrieve the Roku activation code.

  • Open the Roku settings with the aid of the Roku controller or remote control.
  • Navigate to “Network” under the “Settings.”
  • Select “Setup” new Wi-Fi or wireless connection.
  • Press on “OK” on the remote control.
  • This option will help to scan for all available Wi-Fi. Scroll to the internet access and connect to it.
  • Now, take note of the Roku link code on the TV screen to link your Roku account.

Roku com Link Activation

Upon connecting your Roku device to the Wi-Fi or wireless the streaming device will display a unique activation code to link the Roku device to your Roku com link account.

  • Go to Roku link activation web page on
  • You will be redirected to If you are not redirected to you need to check the link again to avoid been redirected to a fraudulent portal.
  • Enter the “Roku Code” on your TV screen and click on the “Submit” button.Roku com Link
  • Log in to your Roku account. If you have not created your Roku account follow the steps above.

Note: In the process to activate Roku on you might be asked to enter a payment method to complete the activation process, this is mostly for new Roku customers.

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