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About blank

About blank has no other meaning than a blank page on a web browser when you clicked on an external link which opens in a new tab. When the about blank open it open as about:blank and you will see it on the web page and the page title.

About:blank page opens on all browser when you click to open a link in a new tab or browser’s window, most especially an external. The about blank page is irrespective of your browser.

So, what is the about blank all about on your browser? Is it a virus or malware? Does the about:blank on browser came up due to poor internet connection and should you be concerned when you see a webpage showing about blank?

This guide will provide answers to everything you want to know about “All about blank” page on web browsers to satisfy your curiosity and why you shouldn’t delete about blank from your browser.

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All About Blank

About blank on browser pages are an integral part of browsers “about URL scheme” which help the browser to process internal commands when prompt to implement it.

These schemes are not limited to “About”blank”, these browser internal commands include about:about, about:plugins, target_about and a lot more to talk about.

When the about blank opens, it won’t load the webpage irrespective of the number of time the about:blank in the browser URL is refreshed. However, about:blank pages are not empty pages either. Rather, there are browsers internal commands to make the browser functions without assistance.

Of a truth, all browsers have the about:blank internal command and it’s not a URL to open a page on the browser. It’s a simple command-line within the browser with hidden functions.

About:blank Causes

There are various forms the about blank page take to open on browsers. When you click on a link that is commanded to open in an external window or tab or when you click on a download link to open in another Windows and start an instant download.

And once the link to download opens in a new tab or window, the browser is forced to display about:blank on the URL instead of the download link.

The only thing you will see on this about is a blank screen without additional information other than the downloading progress in the browser download section.

The about:blank screen still occurs if you copy and paste the link that leads to a download link without a further command or if the page doesn’t have enough information for the browser to understand and interpret.

Since the web browser function based on the command, the about page only function based on the instruction and it has no other idea. If the browser cannot decode the HTML, Java, CSS, and other codes, it can propel the browser to show a blank page rather than displaying the information it doesn’t understand.

However, when the browser is forced to show about:blank URL a new window or tap is always opened and show a blank webpage using the command about:blank to interpret the action.

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Is the About Blank a Virus or Malware

This question whether about:blank is a virus or malware is asked a million times daily. If it’s a virus or malware, it means the “about:blank” is dangerous to your computer and all files you have on it. So, is the “About Blank” on the browser a virus or malware?

About:blank in the browser URL is just like a normal webpage URL that opens up a webpage. But, when the about:blank shows in the browser, the external source forces the browser to return about:blank because of the limited information the browser has to decode the external link.

How to Stop About:blank from Opening

If you are not convinced with the about blank page you see when an external resource force your browser to display the blank page you can stop the blank page from displaying whenever the need to show about:blank screen arises.

With a walkaround around your browser settings you can stop about:blank page from showing in your Chrome.

How to Add “About:blank” on Chrome

To stop about blank in your Chrome browser open the Chrome browser and tap on the more option to the top-right. Tap on “Settings” from the drop menu and select “Startup” on the left side and select “Open a specific page or set of pages” to expand the option to add a new page and enter “about:blank” and tap “Add”.About blank

How to make “About:blank” Homepage on Mozilla

To setup up “about:blank” on Mozilla Firefox to see a blank screen whenever you open the browser and tap on the browser’s menu and tap the options button and then “Home.” Here, you need to select your most prefered homepage when a new tab or window is opened. Enter “about:blank” under customer URLs and select “Blank Page” in the new tabs option.about:blank

How to Add “About Blank” on Safari

To set up a “Blank Page” on Safari browser on your Mac or iPhone open the Safari browser and tap on the “Preference option and then tap on “General.” Now, navigate to “Homepage” and remove the URL in there. You can enter “about:blank” to open a blank page whenever you open a new tab or window or enter a preferred webpage.About blank

How to Set “About:blank” on Chromium

To add or remove “about:blank” on Chromium-based Edge browser go to the browser’s menu, tap on “Settings” and click on “On Startup”. Select “Open a specific page or pages” and enter “about”blank.”About Blank

How to Set “About:blank” on Opera

To add or remove “About Blank” on Opera browser tap on “Settings” to the bottom left and scroll to “On startup” under “Default browser” and select “Open a specific page or set of pages” and tap “Add a new page”, enter “about:blank” and the URL and tap on the “Add” button.About blank about:blank

How to Set About:about on Chrome Android

To set “about:blank” on Android on your Chrome browser tap on the More option and select settings from the drop menu. Tap on “Homepage” under “Advanced” and toggle the homepage option to turn on, go to “Open this page” and enter” about:blank” as your custom web address.Android About blank

How to Add About Blank on IE

I don’t know why you are still using Internet Explorer [IE]. But, if you still glue with the inbuilt Windows browser, here is how to add “About blank” in the browser.

Launch the Internet Explorer browser and tap on the settings cogwheel gear icon. Tap on “Internet Options” and navigate to “General” and click on it. In the address section “Remove about:blank” and add your preferred webpage.

How do you Get Rid of About Blank

If you have decided to delete “about:blank” or “About Blank” on your web browser go to settings, tap on the “On start” and select “Open a specific page or pages” and tap on the 3-dot option opposite “About:blank” and tap remove from the opening.

If you want to set another page or pages as your Homepage enter the new page URL and tap on the add button.

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