How to Download Tik Tok Video

If you see a video on Tik Tok you can download it and save a copy of the skit on your smartphone if you are using TikTok on your smartphone. You can also use TikTok PC to download Tik Tok video for a personal use.

TikTok which is also known as Douyin in the Chinese language is freeware app to share a short video where you mix a short video clip couple with a background music and share it with your fans. You can create your own world on TikTok. Research revealed that celebrities are now joining TikTok to use the platform as a means to reach out to their international fans.

In case you have a celebrity you adore and would love to download his or her video on TikTok, you will learn the procedure to achieve that reading this guide.

However, TikTok assigned a unique username when you create a TikTok account. This username contains alphabets and number which may be a little bit difficult to memorize. However, to change TikTok username here is a complete tutorial on how to change Tik Tok username.

Download Tik Tok Video

Download Tik Tok Video on Smartphones

The TikTok app has a special feature to download videos from the platform and save it on your device or share with your friends on either the platform or other platforms. Meanwhile, the only setback you will encounter when you want to download Tik Tok video includes the video been watermarked.

If however you didn’t care about the TikTok videos watermarked and you would love to download the video like that on your Android and iOS using either the official TikTok app for iOS or for Android or the TikTok APK here is how.

Launch the TikTok app on your phone. Download it here if you have not downloaded the video social share app.

The TikTok app will load “For You” which are suggested videos. Swipe down to search for the video you want to download or if you have favorite the video you should see it right on your profile page.

Click on the share button to the middle right. A list of options will pop up such as like, favorite, share, comment, and the likes.

Click on the share option and click on save. You can even download Tik Tok video as a GIF for a meme if you a fan of memes.

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