GBWhatsapp By Heymods Download

GBWhatsApp heymods developers have got a lot of mods WhatsApp with a lot of features that the official WhatsApp app is lacking. We are here to open your eyes to list of popular WhatsApp mods that are developed by heymods team.

First, you need to know that the GBWhatsApp is not the official WhatsApp app and heymods team are neither the official WhatsApp developers nor Mark employers.

Heymods team are a group of developers that come together to create the official WhatsApp mod with advanced features that are not yet available in the official WhatsApp app.

So, if you need to have a taste of the WhatsApp mods by Heymods team here is the exclusive guide you need.

WhatsApp journey started in 2009 to replace the traditional messaging method on smartphone and has since reached out to other platforms such as PC where users now have access to WhatsApp web.

In the means time, WhatsApp has covered more than two-thirds of the world population using WhatsApp daily to reach out to friends and family.

However, with some WhatsApp features taking forever to surface, a team of developers, Heymods came together to modify the official WhatsApp and add some on-time feature to the messaging app ahead of the official release.

What is GBWhatsApp Heymods

Heymods are a group of developers that develop GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp plus, and other mod WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp Heymods refers to the developers that develop WhatsApp mods that are under the umbrella of Heymods developer.

Therefore, if you ever intend to download GBWhatsApp Heymods it implies that you are downloading one or more of the Heymods WhatsApp mods.

Download GBWtasApp Heymods

GBWhatsApp heymods download is free. There is no basic requirement to download it. You can use the GBWhtsApp by Heymods alongside the official WhatsApp on your phone. But, you cannot download GBWhatsApp Heymods versions from the Google play store.

Therefore, where you will find how to download Heymods GBWhatsApp and install it on your phone for free.

GBWhatsApp Heymods Download

Download YoWhatsApp by Heymods

YoWhatsApp mod is developed by Heymods developers. It’s a form of rebranding the official WhatsApp with some amazing features with a feature to resist WhatsApp from banning your number.

Heymods release YoWhatsApp update as often as possible to maintain the app from crashing and from falling victims of potential hackers.

So, if you are contemplating why you should download YoWhatsApp, it includes the following.

  • With YoWhatsApp you can set your name on the app screen.
  • Ability to pin more than 1000 chats.
  • A feature to hide chats with the help of the messaging app fingerprint lock.
  • You also enjoy call privacy on the app.

The features of the mods WhatsApp is unlimited because each update comes with a new feature.

Download WhatsApp Plus by Heymods

Heymods team also develop WhatsApp plus. It comes with features that are different from the YoWhatsApp mod. So, if you are struggling with YoWhatsApp you simply  turn to WhatsApp

WhatsApp plus is also a mod version of the official WhatsApp. The WhatsApp mod is classified into the APK files category. Therefore, to install WhatsApp plus, you first need to enable install from unknown sources and then download WhatsApp plus APK developed by Heymods and open to install it.

The features of the WhatsApp plus by Heymods team include the following..

  • You can change the colours, fonts, and themes of WhatsApp.
  • You can disable voice calls and hide your profile picture.
  • Multiple account support – up to 4 different WhatsApp accounts.
  • Possible to ‘undelete’ previously sent messages.

GBWhatsApp Mod by Heymods

GBWhatsApp mod is the most popular of all the WhatsApp mod apps developed by Heymods. It was the first WhatsApp mod that pulls the crowd and turns people to use WhatsApp mod instead of the official WhatsApp app.

All other Heymods WhatsApp mods are coined out of the GBWhatsApp with the mod WhatsApp trending with WhatsApp anti-ban feature.

Download HeyWhatsApp Mod

HeyWhatsApp is tagged an unclone WhatsApp according to the Heymods developers. The developer coined out this WhatsApp mod from the official WhatsApp app that’s discontinued.

With the same WhatsApp license, the developer, Heymods tweak the discontinued WhatsApp UI and added some features to make it unique and different from the discontinued version.

How to Download GBWhatsApp Heymods

As shared in this post, there are four types of Heymods WhatsApp that are WhatsApp mods coined out from either the official deserted WhatsApp app or a mod of the official WhatsApp. To download the latest version either of these WhatsApp mods apps you have to visit the official Heymods website.

  • Go to the official Heymods at
  • On the navigation menu, you will see GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp, and HeyWhatsApp.
  • Click on the “Heymods WhatsApp mod” to download from the menu.
  • Next, you will see the WhatsApp mod version, trending feature, rating, and download source.
  • To learn about the WhatsApp mod feature click on the “detail” button.
  • Click on the “Download” button below the WhatsApp version.
  • A new tab will open when you click on the “Download” and the WhatsApp mod will start downloading.
  • Go to your phone settings >> security & privacy >> unknown >> OK.
  • Go to your phone storage device >> download folder >> WhatsAppPlusbyHeymods.apk >> Install
  • Wait for a couple of seconds to install the app on your phone.

Once you have downloaded and install the WhatsApp mod by Heymods, it’s time to create your WhatsApp mod account.

How to Create WhatsApp Mod Account

The steps to create WhatsApp mod account is similar to how to create an account on the official WhatsApp. Therefore, we will quickly run through how to create your WhatsApp account on the Heymods WhatsApp mod app.

  • Launch the Heymods GBWhatsApp or other WhatsApp mods by Heymods.
  • Click on “Accept Terms & Conditions” to continue.
  • Enter your phone number. We will advise you to stay away from using your default phone number so that if WhatsApp bans the phone number for using WhatsApp mod you will still be able to use WhatsApp.
  • Click on “Send verification code.”
  • Wait for a couple of seconds. Type the verification code if not picked automatically when it arrives.

Now, start to set up your account profile and import WhatsApp backup if the need arises.

How to Update GBWhatsApp Heymods

Heymods roll out GBWhatsApp update every now and then to ensure stability and add new features. However, with the Heymods update, you can easily update WhatsApp mods by Heymods.

  • Open the Google play store app on your Android phone.
  • Search for ” AppUpdater for Whats Plus 2021 GB Yo FM HeyMods”
  • Click on the “Install” button to download and install the Heymods GBWhatsApp update”  on your Android phone.

The Heymods GBWhatsApp updater allows users to receive GB WhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WaPlus and Aero WhatsApp update once a new update is available.

How to Update GB WhatsApp with Heymods Updater

Whenever a new GBWhatsAp update is available you will be prompt to download it via the mod WhatsApp interface. However, with the Heymods update, you can check for the update manually, and here is how to go about it.

  • Open the “Heymods update” on your Apps menu.
  • Click on “Check for Update.”
  • The app will check for the available update for the WhatsApp mod app on your phone.
  • If there is an update available you will be prompt to download the latest update else you will be told that you are running the latest GB WhatsApp version or other WhatsApp mod that you are running on your device.

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