Download Google Camera Go Mod APK 1.8.3 +Night Mode

Google camera Go Mod APK 1.8.3

Google camera Go Mod APK 1.8.3 has a new feature to turn on night mode with a better UI. Download Google Go camera Mod with dark mode. The Google Camera Go has introduced a while ago for better photographing and video graphing on Android. The Edition brings new Dimension to Android phone camera and video coverage.

However, the new update brought dark mode alongside other feature to take photographs at night where there is a minimal level of light shinning.

The Google Go camera night mode is similar to usual apps with night mode or dark mode. This feature makes taking photographs easier and convenient.

However, the dark mode on Google Camera Go Mod is not the only feature to make the app great. The long-awaited HDR option comes to the new Google release the Camera Go 1.8.332394960. While the HDR option is no missing on Google Camera Go APK Mod 1.83 by Wichaya you will want to download APK app.

However, if you are using a Huawei smartphone, Google will not allow you to download the Camera Go except you choose the APK mod over the official app from the Google play store.

Google Camera Go APK Mod Features

GCam Mod v1.8.3 has the following new features upon release.

  • Night Mode to take photograph in a low light environment.
  • The new update also features HDR option that we have all been waiting for.

These features make the Google Camera Go Mod 1.8.3 stands out and a better version that works on phones the official Google Go camera app doesn’t work on.

Download Google Camera Go Mod 1.8.3

If you have a phone that supports the official Google Camera Go 1.8.3 there is no need to download the Mod APK. However, for unsupported devices such as Huawei, you need to proceed with the Mod 1.8.3 APK download to use the night mode and HDR option on the camera app.

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The Google Camera Go APK with night mode and HDR is tested and confirmed on Huawei. herefore, we would share with you the direct link to download the Mod 1.8.3 below.Google camera Go Mod APK 1.8.3

Original Google Camera Go | APK download (Gdrive) | Box Mirror | APKMirror

Install Google Camera Go Mod 1.8.3 APK

Download the latest Google camera Go by Wichaya Mod APK from the link provided above with the “Night Mode & HDR option.”

  • Go to your phone settings >> Tap on “Security” >> Tap “Unknown Sources >> OK. This will aid the APK installation without saying the APK file might contain unsafe contents.
  • Navigate to your app download folder and tap on “Camera_Go_1.8.3_Wichaya.apk” and tap on the “Install” button to the bottom right.

Once the new version is installed it will replace the old one. However, if it says “unable to install”, uninstall the old Go camera app and follow the procedures above to reinstall the Mod version.

How to Enable “Night Mode” on Google Camera Go APK Mod 1.8.3

Both the latest official Google Camera Go and Mod version by Wichaya has the “Night Mode” feature. And both settings on the versions from the developers are inline.

  • Launch the Google Camera Mod app on your phone.
  • Tap on the “Cogwheel gear settings icon” to the top right.Google camera Go Mod APK 1.8.3
  • Switch the “Night Mode” icon “On” and tap the back button just once to return to the camera screen.Google camera Go Mod APK 1.8.3

Now, you can take photographs at night with low lighting and at night.

How to Read Text using Google Camera Go Mod 1.8.3

This is probably the amazing GCam Mod 1.8.3 no one is telling you yet. The feature is called “Translate” that helps to read text aloud when you capture or take a photograph with the “Translate” option.

  • Launch the new Google Camera Go APK.
  • Swipe the navigation button and tap on the “Translate” button.Google camera Go Mod APK 1.8.3
  • Capture the image with words inscribed and tap the “Centered Alphabet” button.
  • Tap on “Listen” to listen to the message or “translate” to change the language option from the top menu to the top right or search again translation.Translate

Once the words are captured the Go camera app will start reading aloud just like the “Okay Google” assistant feature.

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