How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

How to cancel Amazon free trial

Amazon Prime is a paid streaming service from Amazon, the popular eCommerce website that gives premium access to all subscribed users as against the regular Amazon account to buy and sell on the platform. 2020 record-breaking saw Amazon Prime has a total of 150 million subscribers and still counting. However, it doesn’t cost a fortune to subscribe to Amazon Prime and the decision to cancel your Amazon Prime can arise at anything, so, if you are planning to cancel your Amazon Prime subscription, here is the guide you need to follow through. Here in the guide, we will walk you through not only how to cancel Amazon Prime subscription, but, we will also walk you through the step by step procedures to cancel Amazon Prime free trial.

How much Does Amazon Prime Membership Cost?

How much Amazon Prime membership cost doesn’t cost a fortune compared to the service that you will have access to and all the benefits. Amazon Prime membership payment can be annual or monthly depending on the membership plan you are hoping for.

Amazon Prime membership cost $12.99 per month and $119 annually if you are subscribing to the membership upfront. The yearly subscription saves $36.88 which is equivalent 23.66% discount. So, whether you subscribed to Amazon Prime monthly membership or yearly membership, the approach to cancel your subscription falls under the same approach and your account will be terminated after the active subscription.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership

If you don’t want to be charged at the end of your Amazon Prime free trial then you need to cancel your membership or subscription before the end of the free trial.

To cancel free trial on Amazon follow the procedures below before the end of the trial period.

  • Log in to your Amazon Prime account with your free trial membership username and password. This could be your regular Amazon login.
  • Navigate to your “Account Profile” and tap “Settings” from the expansion.
  • Navigate to “Manage Amazon Prime Membership.”
  • Tap “Do not Continue” to cancel your free trial.
  • Once you cancel your free trial, your credit or debit card will not be charged when your free trial expires. However, since you have chosen to “not to continue” from the option to end your membership free trial you will still be able to access all Amazon Prime contents until the end of the trial period.

Note: When you are ready to start your Amazon Prime paid membership, you don’t need to create a new account. However, log in to your account on Amazon Prime and tap on “Continue Membership.” At this point, you will be charged to continue [IF] you trial period has ended.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership 2020

Here comes how to cancel your Amazon Prime membership in 2020.

  • Visit on your web browser and log in to your account.
  • Hover your mouse pointer to the top-right corner of the Amazon homepage to access your personalized settings on Amazon and tap on “Your Prime Membership” from the drop menu or expansion.How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership
  • You will be taken to Your Account >> Manage Your Prime Membership where you have access to your Amazon Prime details such as the plan you subscribed to, payment method, payment History, option to “End Membership and Benefits” and option to remind you before renewing your Prime membership.How to cancel Amazon free trial
  • You are a step away to cancel your membership. But, first, you will all the benefits that you will miss when you unsubscribe from the service and Amazon will want you to stick around. However, to proceed with the decision to cancel your membership as Amazon Prime premium user tap on “I Do Not Want M Benefits.”End Amazon Benefits and Membership
  • From the popup tap on “Cancel Membership” to cancel.
  • Tap “Cancel Membership” again to end your premium service with Amazon Prime.

This is how to cancel Amazon Prime membership in 2020. This procedure is confirmed before sharing.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime on Sprint

If you subscribe to Amazon Prime through Sprint, then, you need to cancel your subscription via Sprint. And here is how.

  • Log in to your Sprint account 
  • Navigate to “Device.”
  • Tap “Change mu Service.”
  • Uncheck “Amazon Prime”
  • Tap on the “Save” button.

This approach to cancel Amazon Prime account membership on Sprint only works if you subscribe to the service via Sprint. Alternatively, you may need to contact Sprint customer service requesting the cancellation of your premium membership on Amazon Prime.

Amazon Prime Membership Refund After Cancelling

Are you eligible to Amazon Prime membership refund after cancelling your plan? Yes! According to Amazon, all customers who subscribed to the Prime membership on Amazon without enjoying the benefit before it expires are duly qualified to request for a refund. So, if you need more information on how to request a run of your Amazon Prime benefits after you cancel your account navigate the Amazon help centre for more information.

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