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What could be more fun than when you can control and set up a personalized background on your Zoom account. With this, you can change from the default background settings to your preferred images. The switch could be to 3D Wallpaper or a picture of yourself or uour associates. So, if you are struggling with how to change background on Zoom before the commencement of your meeting or during the meeting here is a guide to satisfy all your curiosity on setting up Zoom background that will not interrupt with the ongoing meeting.

To change zoom background¬†is as simple as changing the background of your phone or phone DP. Zoom offers some precautional measure to make sure that the personalized background doesn’t interrupt with the video meeting on Zoom.

What is Zoom Background Called?

On Zoom, the background is referred to as virtual background which allow you to set either image or video as your background if the feature is turned on in your account. However, to get the best from the virtual background physical green and uniform lighting is recommended so that you and the background will not match during the meeting.

When setting a new background on your Zoom account you can upload your desired image or video to replace the default.

So, if you have been planning to get the best Zoom background it’s important to put it into consideration that the best colour combination is the green and uniform lighting.

How to Enable Virtual Background on Zoom

Due to preference, the Zoom virtual background feature may be turned off in your Zoom account. And to be able to change and set a personalized background on Zoom, the virtual background must be enabled. So, to start with, we will walk you through how to enable Zoom virtual background.

To be able to change zoom background you first need to turn on virtual background option in your Zoom account.

  • Go to on your browser [Windows or macOS or phone] and log into your account.
  • Tap “Profile >> Settings” under “Personal.”how to change background on Zoom
  • Tap “Meeting” and scroll down to “Virtual background.”
  • In meeting (Advanced) and toggle the button to enable “Virtual Background.”
  • how to change background on Zoom
  • To use video as your Zoom background check the option “Allow use of videos for virtual backgrounds” under the “Virtual Background” option.

Now, you will be able to use the Zoom virtual background feature to modify and change your Zoom background during or before meetings.

How to Change Background on Zoom using Desktop Client

Here you will learn how to change background in Zoom using the Zoom desktop client. This works before you join the Zoom meeting.

  • Launch the Zoom desktop client or download and install the client app on your PC to start with.
  • Enter your login username and password and tap on the “Sign-in” button.Zoom Background
  • Tap on your “Profile picture >> Settings. If you are running the latest version of the Zoom client you should see the settings cogwheel gear icon below the profile picture.Zoom Settings
  • You need to tap on “Background & Filters” on the left pane.Background and filters
  • This will automatically launch your PC camera. Now, tap on the “Virtual Background option >> Tap the “+” icon and tap “Add Image.”Add Zoom background image
  • Go to your images or pictures or photos folder and select the image you want to set as your Zoom background before joining the meeting and tap “Open”.

To change your background image on Zoom you must set your image background to be green.

If you are already in the middle of a meeting and you needed to change your background settings on your Zoom account there is a way to do that.

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How to Change Background on Zoom During Meeting

If you quickly noticed that your background on Zoom isn’t conforming with the ongoing meeting you can change it without leaving the meeting. To do this follow the procedures below.

  • You must be part of the ongoing meeting already.
  • Tap on the “Arrow” next to the “Stop” video at the bottom of the Zoom desktop client.
  • Tap on “Change Virtual Background.”
  • Tap on either “3D Wallpaper”¬† or SanFrasisco” or select “Add Image
  • Go to our images folder, select the image you want to use and tap on the “Open” button. Meanwhile, the requirement is to set your image background to green and lighting for the best result.

Follow the procedures above you will be able to edit and change from Zoom default background to a personalized background.

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How to Change Background on Zoom App (Android & iPhone)

If you are using Zoom app you can also play around the app to change the default zoom background to 3D wallpaper or image or video of your choice with green background.

  • Launch the “Zoom App” on your Android or iPhone. You can download the app from your phone app store if you have not downloaded the app.
  • Log into your account with your username and password.
  • Tap on the “Settings” icon to the bottom right on your Android screen.
  • Tap on your “Profile” under “Settings.” This is direct if you are using the basic account.
  • Tap on the “Virtual Background” option. If the option to change the background is missing then, go to the official Zoom site and turn on the virtual background feature.
  • Tap on the “Add image” button to select the image you want to set as your background.

It’s important to meet the required to set change the Zoom background from default to photo or video.

How to Add Filter to Zoom Background

The Zoom background is changed successfully AND you are ready to go live. But, the sweat on your face is confusing and you could hardly identify yourself in the video. Don’t stress much, here is how to filter Zoom background.

  • Launch the “Zoom” desktop client and log into your Zoom user account.
  • Tap on the “Settings” under “Profile.”Zoom Settings
  • If the meeting is ongoing tap on the “up & down” arrow button beside the “Video” stop option and tap on “Video Settings.”
  • Find “Touch Up My Appearance” and tick the box next to it to turn on the option to add a filter to your background image or video.


This is how to add a background in Zoom using both the desktop client and mobile app. The move to change your Zoom background may be declined by Zoom if the background isn’t green or the option to select a green background isn’t checked.

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