How to Change TikTok Phone Number

How to Change TikTok Phone Number

TikTok is one phone number per account. You can not use a single phone number to open multiple accounts except you want to be banned from using the short video app. But, you are allowed to change your phone number to another one.

When you change your TikTok phone number your old TikTok account will be deleted permanently. You will not be able to log into the account and all your followers will be gone.

Therefore, if you have a pool of followers you do not want to lose do not bother to change your phone number. And there has been a lot of complain about TikTok login recently.

If you have problem to log into your TikTok account kindly follow this guide on how to fix TikTok login.

So, if you can’t afford to lose your TikTok account with a reasonable number of follower just keep to the phone number you open the account with. 

If it’s a must to have and use two TikTok accounts you can use a different phone for security purpose or use App twin on your phone.

How to Change TikTok Phone Number

Here is the guide to change a phone number on TikTok app.

  • Click on the “TikTok” app on your phone.
  • Click on the “head-gear” icon to the bottom right.TikTok Phone Number
  • Click on the “more” option to the top right.
  • Click “Privacy and Settings”.TikTok Privacy and settings
  • Click “Manage my account”.Manage Account
  • Click “Phone Number”.
  • Click “Send Code”.
  • Enter the 4 digit code sent to your phone.
  • Enter the new phone number.
  • Click on “Send Code”.
  • Enter the 4 digit code sent to the new phone number
  • Done.

That is how to change TikTok phone number. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the whole process. Were you able to change your TikTok phone number following the procedures above?

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