How to Enable 2FA on PS4

How to enable 2F on PS4 Fortnite

How to enable 2FA on PS4 and Fortnite is what we will consider in this post today. 2FA is optional security you should add to your account to secure unauthorized access to your Fortnite PS4. 2FA also called two-factor authentication or two-step authentication adds an additional security measure to protect an account apart from the traditional account password and username. However, this post is a game for Fortnite and PS4 owner to secure their account using an advanced method. So, in this post, you will learn how to enable 2FA on PS4.

Here is a guide on how to enable Fortnite 2FA on Xbox game console.

How to Does 2FA works on PS4

When you enable 2FA on your PlayStation 4 account its become an additional option to unlock your PS4 account whenever you want to log into it.

So, when you clicked on the sign-in option on the console it prompts you to enter your PS4 account username and password. Once the password and username match your account database on PS4, the console sends a unique code to complete the login.

The 2FA code can be sent to your phone number if you setup 2FA SMS notification or send to your email address if the option you choose when you enable the 2FA on your Fortnite PS4 is email adoption. And could ask for the 2FA code if you selected and link your device to your account using the 2FA app.

So, when you want to enable 2FA on Fortnite 2FA you have three options to choose from.

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How to enable 2Fa on PS4 Fortnite

How to Enable 2FA on PS4 Fortnite

How to enable 2FA on PS4 on Fortnite Epic game log in to your PS4 account and tap on “Settings” and scroll down the settings page to click on “Account Management.” Tap on your “account information” on the screen.

Here you need to click on the “Security” option and scroll down to 2-step verification and tap on the “Set up Now” button.

Now, you need to enter the phone number you want to use to receive your 2FA code and tap on the “Add” button. To confirm your 2FA set up a verification code will be sent to your phone.

Enter the PS4 2FA code and tap on the “Activate” button. This is how to enable 2FA on PS4.

From the moment you enabled 2FA on your PS4 console you will be texted a 2FA code to access your account on PS4 console on other devices.

How to Sign in to PS4 Account after 2FA

After enabling PS4 on your PlayStation console here are the steps to go through to sign in to your PS4 account.

  • Go to the PS4 login portal.
  • Type your PS4 account username ID and password.
  • You will receive a verification code on the cell phone number you entered when we discussed how to get 2FA on PS4 above.
  • Enter the 2FA code and tap on the “Verify” button.

Now, you will be redirected to your PS4 account next. This is the step to pass through overtime to access your PS4 account with the 2FA feature enabled.

How to Deactivate 2FA on PS4

The above procedure is how to enable 2FA on PS4 and you will be required to enter a unique code at every point to log into your PS4 account on the console or on other devices such as Fortnite.

To deactivate 2FA on PS4 sign in to your PS4 account tap Settings >> Account Management >>Account Information>> Security >>2-Step Verification >> Status >> Menu >>Inactive >> Confirm.

Just like how to enable 2FA on your PS4. The above steps are the walkaround on how to disable 2FA on your 2FA.

How to Enable 2FA on Fortnite PS4

This is how to enable 2FA on Fortnite PS4. Go to and log in to your Epic Game account. Navigate to option to change Epic Game password and tap option to enable either email 2FA or authenticator app 2FA. For email 2FA tap on the email option and enter the email to receive your Fortnite 2FA code and follow through the instruction on the screen to enable the option to secure your Fortnite account.

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