How to Install Optifine 1.15.2

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OptiFine is one Minecraft mod ahead of Forge that enhances the game graphics and boosts game performance. With OptiFine releasing a different version to meet up with the Minecraft game standard you will be wondered why OptiFine isn’t built as part of the Minecraft officially instead of downloading the mod separate and open it on Minecraft. However, here in this guide, you will learn how to install OptiFine 1.15.2 and downgrade your Minecraft to version 1.15.2 to be able to use the 1.15.2 OptiFine to boost the game performance and improve the graphics design.

The prerequisite to download OptiFine on Windows and run the Java program successfully will be considered as well. However, if your .jar file association is broken, consider checking our guide on how to fix broken jar files using JarFix.

When will OptiTine 1.15 come out

OptiFine release different version periodically. However, the OptiFine 1.15.2 version comes out June, 4th 2020.

Download and Install Jave Development Kit (JDK) on your Windows to Run OptiFine 1.15.2

Java run time provides an enabling environment to run a jar file. And since both the OptiFine and Minecraft are jar files, you need to install the latest JDK on your Windows from the official Oracle website.

Following the procedures below, we will walk you through how to download Java to run OptiFine and Minecraft on Windows.

  • Open your browser and go to
  • Tap on the red “Download” button on the site homepage.How to Install OptiFine 1.15.2
  • The JDK will detect your Windows bit. If it’s 32-bit it will bring up the download button for 32-bit. And if your Windows is 64-bits, it will bring up the download button. You then need to tap on the “Agree and start free download.”Start Java free download
  • Navigate to your download folder and tap on the JRE windows installation and run the software as an administrator. Tap on the “Install” button on the welcome page.Install Java
  • The installation progress bar will show up. It will only take a couple of seconds to install the java run time.How to Install OptiFine 1.15.2
  • Once the installation progress is complete. The installation progress bar will close and open again. Now, tap on the “Close” button to close the Java tap.Java Installed

To open OptiFine with Minecraft you don’t have to launch the JRE on your PC. The purpose of the above installation is to create an environment that will alone you to install .jar files include OptiFine.jar when you download it.

How to Download OptiFine 1.15.2

OptiFine was launched moment after Minecraft was launch to help bring better optimization to the game. It’s good to know that OptiFine is not a mod. But, a Minecraft mod to improve the game performance and graphics design.

  • Open your browser and go to the official OptiFine website.
  • Tap on “Downloads” on the navigation bar.Download OptiFine 1.15.2
  • Scroll down the download until you get to Minecraft 1.15.2
  • Tap on the download or mirror button opposite OptiFine 1.15.2
  • You will be redirected to where to download the jar file and tap on the download button. And tap on Download OptiFine_1.15.2_HD_U_G3.jar1.15.2 OptiFine
  • Once the OptiFine.jar file has been downloaded successfully, we can now proceed to how to “Install OptiFine” on Windows in the next part of this article.

How to Install OptiFine 1.15.2

We have successfully downloaded the OptiFine version of our choice. Now, it’s time to install it. Follow the leads below.

  • Go to your Windows download folder. You Windows might warn you that the file can harm your computer. Just tap on the “Keep” option to save the Minecraft mod to your PC.
  • You will see OptiFine HD Ulta G3 and the Minecraft version you can use it with. In most cases, OptiFine 1.15 2 works with Minecraft 1.15 OptiFine
  • Tap on “Install” from the pop-up.
  • Once the installation is completed you will see “OptiFine 1.15.2 installed successfully.”Installed OptiFine
  • You can then tap on “OK” to close it. And now, you are ready to open it with your Minecraft.

However, we will need to find out which version of Minecraft you currently installed. If it’s not Minecraft 1.15.2, then, we will need to downgrade it to work with the 1.15.2 OptiFine version you installed above.

Note: As at the time of writing this article, the latest OptiFine version available is OptiFine 1.16.2. So you may want to upgrade to it and upgrade your Minecraft to version 1.16.2

How to Check Minecraft Version

This depends on the device you are using. It could be Windows 10 or PS4 or Xbox. What matters is to be able to find the version you have.

  • Launch the default Minecraft launcher. You may want to learn more about TLauncher.
  • Tap on “Edit Profile.”
  • Here you should see the Minecraft version that you are using.

If it’s not the version 1.15.2. Then, you have two options. First, upgrade to the new release and download OptiFine 1.16.2 which is the latest release. Or downgrade the Minecraft version to meet with OptiFine version 1.15.2.

How to Downgrade to Minecraft 1.15.2

To use OptiFine 1.15.2 to run Minecraft, the Minecraft version must be the same with the OptiFine. There, we will walk you through how to download Minecraft.

  • Launch the Minecraft default launcher.
  • Tap “Edit Profile” after you have logged into your account.
  • Tap on the Minecraft version drop-menu.
  • Select version 1.15.2 from the drop menu.
  • Tap on the “Save” button.

Now, this will either downgrade or upgrade your Minecraft depending on the current version that you are currently running.

How to Open OptiFine 1.15.2 on Minecraft

Now that we have both the OptiFine and Minecraft as the same version, we can proceed to make the OptiFine mod makes the Minecraft looks better. And here is how.

  • Launch your favourite launcher. Here, we are using the default launcher for Minecraft.
  • Tap on the “Installation” tab at the upper right of the screen.
  • Now, you need to create a new installation to load the OptiFine 1.15.2 we are interested in. So, you need to tap on the “+” button.OptiFine version
  • Tap “New” and a window will pop up to select the server you want to use.
  • Tap “Latest release” under “Version.”
  • Now, you will see the OptiFine version available. Tap on it and tap “Create” to the bottom right.OptiFine 1.15.2

You can follow these procedures to download and install all the OptiFine version. With the OptiFine 1.15.2 version, you will enjoy a superfast Minecraft game and better graphics with the mod.

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