How to Spend Bill Gates Money

How to Spend Bill Gates Money

Bill Gates already worth $100,000,000,000 which is crazy. That is probably worth more than Networth of some countries in this 21st century; however, how would you feel if Bill gave you is credit card and asked you to shop online using it. What is the first thing that you will buy? How best do you think you can help spend Bill Gates money?

Well, you don’t have to wait until Bill calls you and handover his credit card to you to spend his money. Here today, I am going to introduce you to a website that allows you to spend Bill Gates money shopping online to have some fun.

Don’t forget that you are just doing this for fun. So, let’s spend Bill Gates money together spending it on our favourite groceries and personal needs such as cars, Big Mac, NetFlix and a lot more. is a website that allows you to get hold of Bill Gates money and spend it shopping online on the site. That is amazing I guess. This looks like a game.

However, this is a fun game just to know how extravagant you’d be if you are in a position to spend Bill Gates money.

The things you can Buy with Bill Gates Money

Think of all the expensive life you want to live if you worth three-quarters of Bill’s worth. You want to buy iPhone X Max or iPhone X Max Pro. But, trust me you can spend Gates money on your favourite yacht.

The things you can buy with Bill Gates money include Big Mac which is the cheapest item to spend Bill’s money on. If you need a unique bathroom sleeper you can consider the Flip Flop for just $3. That is a wow right. But, what about buying a mansion worth $45,000,000 and Boeing 747 for $148,000,000 to take you to a different destination with your ultimate control.

his how to spend Bill Gates money game gives you the imagination of a luxurious life you can live with Bills worth and still have a lot left for you unborn kids.

However, while playing the spend Bill Gates Money, the most expensive item to spend Bill’s money on is to buy an NBA team which will cost you a whopping $2,120,000,000.

The most insane shopping would be to spend $780,000,000 on Mona Lisa and get yourself a Skyscraper worth $850,000,000.

But, guess worth; despite all these shopping Bill Gates fortune isn’t weakened.

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How to Play Spend Bill Gates Money Game

How to Spend Bill Gates Money create the “Spend Gatesmoneu” to have fun. If you are in for this game, let’s have some fun spending Bill Gates money shopping online playing games.

  • Open your browser and go to There is no need to create a log in. And here, you will be presented with different items to spend Bill money on.
  • Select the “item” you want to shop. If you are shopping for 3 coca-cola pack input 3 into the column and click on the “Buy” button. And you will see the network reduced.
  • Keep adding what you want to spend Bill’s money and scroll down to the bottom of the screen to view your shopping receipt.

You can also resell all luxuries that you spent Bill Gates money on and repeat the process. You can shop for multiple luxuries.

This spend Bill gate money game just give you how large Bill Gates can live and how wealthy he is. He is truly the world richest that can afford anything for himself and his extended family. Just play this game and have fun.

Though, isn’t the only app putting you to shop on Bill Gates’ money. But, you just have a taste of a wealthy live style.

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