How to Use Hey Google to Turn on Flashlight

How to turn on Flashlight

There are various ways to turn on flashlight on Android. Using quick settings, Google Assistant, quick gesture, and third-party apps. We will discuss these various approaches I used to turn on m flashlight and you too can tap from the knowledge.

OK, Google is a unique feature on Android to voice-command your Android phone. With simple “Hey Google” to launch the Google voice command on your Android phone when you press and hold the menu button, you can turn on the flashlight on your Android.

Isn’t that great? You Android flashlight can server more than just a flashlight while taking pictures in the dark. You can use it to see you way true even in the dark.

But, what is the fastest approach to turn on the flashlight on your Android phone when you have limited options to choose from? Here in this guide, you will learn how to turn on flashlight on Android with or without “Hey Google” voice command.

How to Turn on Android Flashlight with Quick Button

The first option available wide is the quick toggle option to turn on and off Android flashlight when you swiped down your phone notification screen.

The Android flashlight toggle was introduced in Android 5.0 which is added to the app quick settings before you entered into the phone main settings.

To turn on the flashlight on Android using the quick button is to swipe down the phone notification tray and tap on the touch button to turn on and tap on it again to turn it off. However, if you can access the flashlight toggle, you need to click on the quick settings edit button and drag and drop the touch icon to the quick settings for easy access.

Hey Google Turn on Flashlight

With the OK, Google voice command you can turn on your phone flashlight without using the on and off button. The approach is simple but OK, Google must be able to recognize your voice while commanding the app to turn on the torchlight app on your Android.

To use Google assistant “Ok, Google” to turn on the flashlight on your Android press and hold the menu button on your phone and say “Hey Google”, the Google Assistant app will say, Hi how can I help”. Then, say “Turn on flashlight.”How to Turn on Flashlight

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The Google Assitant app will turn on turn on the flashlight on your with the toggle button. On the other hand, to turn off flashlight on your Android using the Google Assistant app, just say, turn off flashlight and the Google Assitant app will respond by saying turning flashlight off.

You can also say, Hey Google, Google flashlight on to turn on the flashlight or Google flashlight off.

This Google Assistant feature is unique in a various way. You can also use it to turn on your phone camera and turn off your phone camera.

How to Turn on Android Flashlight using a Dedicated App

If the flashlight app is preinstalled on your Android phone then you can use the app to turn on and off the flashlight on your phone when put to use. It is not all Android that has the flashlight app though as this depends on your phone maker.

However, there are torn of flashlight app available in the Google play store to download to function as your flashlight control app. However, it must be that your phone camera support flash. Otherwise, the app won’t perform the function.

Now, to turn on flashlight on your Android phone using the flashlight app download and install your preferred flashlight app from the Google play store, launch the app and tap on the option to turn on the light within the app.

How to Turn on Flashlight on Android OnePlus using Gesture Control

The feature to turn on flashlight on Android using the gesture control only function on Android OnePlus. This function provides the quickest approach to turn on and turn off the flashlight on the device with a simple gesture.

The way gesture works on OnePlus to turn on flashlight is to simply draw a letter “V” on the screen while it turned off and the flashlight will be turned on.

To set up flashlight turn on gesture on OnePlus you need to go to your OnePlus phone settings, click on the “Gesture” option, turn on the option to turn on flashlight light, and draw the letter “V” once this feature is enabled to turn on the flashlight when it’s off.

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Of all the ways to turn on and turn off flashlight on Android, the Google Assistant function provides the stress-free approach and often the most difficult to control.

It’s a clear case that you need internet access to make this control function but that is not the deal. The problem here is that if the word “Turn on flashlight” or “Google flashlight on” or “Google flashlight off” is not recognized, Google Assistant app will have no option than to search the internet for the best match to display.

So, if you are using the Google OK Assistant to turn on flashlight on your Android, you must make sure that the sound is recognized.

Now, it’s over to you. Which of the options is your quickest approach to switch on your phone torchlight? I know the quick settings seems to be faster with no command required most especially when you don’t have enough time to control “Hey Google turn on flashlight” on your phone.

And for Android OnePlus users, the quick gesture is something to talk about. But it has its own disadvantage as well. So, which of the ways speak senses to you?

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