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If you are wondering how to “download AKA MS Authapp” to set up Microsoft office 365 multiple factor authentications and receive the authenticator download link from here is a guide for you.

Our Guide to Download Aka Ms Authapp via a Link on

There are two ways to download the Microsoft authenticator app. First, you can request the download link via your phone number. You can also download the app directly from your phone app store. Here in this guide, I will walk you through both.

How to Download Authapp

The steps to download Microsoft Office 365 is simple and direct.

  • Open your browser (on phone or computer).
  • Visit
  • You will be redirected to Microsoft authenticator app. Tap on “Get the App.”
  • Select your country from the drop menu, enter your phone number and tap on “Send Link.”AKA MS AUTHApp
  • Microsoft will send a link containing the download source to your phone to download and install the authenticator app.

Once you have installed the authenticator app, you will be able to generate the authentication code randomly whenever the need arises.

Check out https”// guide

How to Download Microsoft Authenticator App from your Phone App Store

This approach is similar to how you download all your phone apps from the phone apps store.

  • Go to your app store [Android user, go to “Google Plau Store”, for iPhone/iPad users, go to Apple Store].
  • Search and download “AKA MS AuthApp” and tap “Install” on Android while iOS users should tap on the “Get” button.
  • Wait for the app to download and install on your Smartphone.

Once the app is installed on your phone, you can then proceed to set up the authentication.

Check out “” complete guide.

How to Setup Passwordless Sign-in for your Personal Microsoft Account

There are two options available to set up passwordless sign-in for your personal Microsoft account. Both approaches are simple and straightforward.

  • Launch the Microsoft authenticator app.
  • Tap on “Skip” until you get to the account interface.
  • Tap “Add Account” under “Let’s add your first account!
  • Select “work or school account.”
  • Tap “Allow authenticator” to take photos and record video” and scan the QR code on your screen.
  • If your phone camera is terrible tap on  “Or enter code manually.”
  • Enter the code, URL, and tap on Finish.

The account authenticator will be set up.

Download for Android and iOS.

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