How to Setup Xbox Digitally on Phone using and Xbox Mobile App is a mobile website to set up Xbox One digitally with an activation code. This implies that you cannot access the Xbox setup site on your PC [Windows or Mac].

This is important to all Xbox One [new] owner. Always write down the activation code on the Xbox One app screen to set up your Xbox One on your mobile. Otherwise, the code will disappear and you will need to generate a new activation code [only when you uninstall and reinstall the Xbox app on your device].

So, here in this guide, I will walk you through how to set up Xbox One digitally using “

What is is a web portal to complete Xbox system update instead of waiting for the system to complete the update automatically. This site offers a manual way to upgrade Xbox One.

And since the Xbox One digital setup isn’t available on PC. Then, you have to carry out all the procedures on your mobile. And here is a guide to lead you through.

How to Setup Xbox Using your Mobile Phone

Follow the steps below to set up your Xbox One game console using your smartphone.

  • Go to on your mobile browser.
  • Write down the activation code on your phone screen.
  • Xbox welcome message will appear.
  • Tap to continue setup in the Xbox app.
  • Download and install the Xbox app on your phone. Skip this if you already have the app installed. Meanwhile, the moment you choose to continue using the Xbox app on your phone the Xbox app will launch automatically.
  • Log into your Xbox account on the app.
  • Enter the activation code from aka ms xboxsetup screen that you wrote down.
  • Provide answers to all the on-screen questions until the digital setup is completed.
  • Drop your phone and go back to your console
  • Wait for the system update to finish.
  • Once the update is done, you will be prompt to apply the settings on the Xbox app on your phone.
  • Tap yes to continue.

aka ms Xboxsetup Code Disappear

There is a way to recover the activation code to set up your Xbox One console digitally when the code disappears.

  • Uninstall the Xbox One app from your phone.
  • Go to your app store >> Xbox app >> download and install.
  • Launch the app from your phone app menu.
  • Log in to your Xbox account.
  • Take note of the new code for activation. At this point, you need to write down the account code so that it will not disappear again.

Don’t miss how to set up Multiple Authentication Factors.

http aka ms xboxsetup not Working

If it’s not a server problem then you are using the wrong device to access [http aka ms xboxsetup]. You can only access this URL on a mobile browser. On PC [Windows or Mac] you will be redirected to your Xbox account and you will be prompt to login. But you will not be able to set up and update your Xbox system digitally.

If the aka ms Xboxsetup Activation Code is not Working using QR Code with your Phone Camera

Another way to set up your Xbox One without the activation code is to scan the QR code with your phone camera. Just place your phone camera on the QR code to scan it and process the activation when you visit

Reset Xbox Login

To finalize this guide, you need to log in to your Xbox account on the app on your phone for the activation code on to be useful. However, if forgotten follow the procedures below to reset it.

  • Turn on your Xbox.
  • Navigate to “Sign In” and enter your email/ID/Phone number.
  • Tap “I forgot my password” on the new screen.
  • Enter the verification code and tap on the “Next” button.
  • Tap on “Next” to the right of your email address to receive the security code.
  • Type the security code Microsoft sent to your phone or email address
  • Pick a new password and tap Save.

This will reset your password to the Xbox account and you can proceed with the settings and digital updating.

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