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Lootvalley app

Lootvalley is a download and gets paid app store that rewards users for downloading apps for free. You get a reward for every download you made on Lootvalley app on Android or iPhone. Each reward is tagged point and once you have enough points you can exchange them for real cash.

Whether with Lootvalley APK or the official app from the Google Play store for Android users to iOS download for iPhone and iPad users, you can easily exchange all accumulated points for Amazon gift card or PayPal cash.

However, to start with, you will be prompt to sign up for an account to monitor your earned points and exchange them for either cash or amazon gift card.

How Lootvalley Works

Lootvalley rewards you for downloading and taking surveys on the app on iPhone and Android. It’s free to download Lootvalley on Android and IPA for iPhone.

However, to earn on Loot Valley app, you need to complete surveys, download apps from the store, play games as instructed bu the app and complete a task in the form of a survey to earn points.

The points you earned depends on the number of apps downloaded and surveys that you completed. You also earn 250 points for referring a friend to sign up using your referrer link.

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Signup for Lootvalley

If you are ready to start earning points and Amazon gift card on Lootvalley app, you need to sign up first.

  • Open your browser and go to Lootvalley official site.
  • Tap on the “Sign Up” button. Or tap on the “Sign in” button if you already have an account.Lootvalley app
  • Enter your “Sign up” email address, check “I’m not a robot” and tap on the “Continue” button.Lootvalley app
  • Fill the user information form and tap on the “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Sign in to your email address and tap on the “confirm your email” address to complete your sign up.
  • Don’t forget to accept the terms and conditions to continue.

Now, you are ready to points convertible to earn cash and Amazon gift card on Lootvalley app store. After sign up, you need to download Lootvalley to make it easy to claim your points and download apps on your phone.

Download Lootvalley App

Lootvalley official app is available in the Google play store and you can download it from there.

  • Open the “Google Play Store” app on your Android phone.
  • Tap on the “Search” box and search for “Lootvalley” without the quotes.
  • Tap on the “Install” button to the top right. Wait for the app to install on your phone. This should take a few seconds.

Open the app from your app menu, sign in to your account, and start to download apps and games to earn points and Amazon gift card.

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Lootvalley Referral Code

Your Lootvalley code is a unique referral code to earn a commission when a friend signs up with your code. You can edit the referral code to set a new code that you can easily remember or share your referral link with your friends to sign up using your link.

The default referral code is a “6” digit number. To access your referral code on Lootvalley you need to sign in to your Lootvalley account on web or using the Lootvalley app >> tap on “Share” button and you will see your referral code and referral link.

You then need to share either your referral link or referral code with your friends to sign up with it to earn 250 points while your friends earn 100 points each.

Note: You can share your referral code and link with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and via Emil marketing to earn more points.

This does not include the official welcome bonus of 100 points.

How to Earn Points on Lootvalley App

First, you need to download and install the Lootvalley app on your Android and iPhone device. Launch the Lootvalley app and tap on the “Sign in” button. Enter your login email and password and tap on the sign-in button.

Under “earn points for truing apps and completing surveys” tap on the available apps to download or survey to complete. In most cases, you might see a survey not available after you have completed your online survey profile information.

After you have tapped on the available app to earn point you will be presented with what to do to earn the point. In most cases, you need to download the app for free and complete some task.

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