Tik Tok Tutorial: Basic User Guide

Tik Tok Tutorial

Tik Tok is not a complex app. It’s very to use. You don’t need a special tutorial to start using it. However, this Tik Tok Tutorial guide will guide you to understand the platform better such as changing your username, changing your password, update your profile picture, and building strong followers to get more views on your videos.

Tik Tok Tutorial

What is Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is a Chinese app developed by ByteDanceThe short video is first launched in  Douyin in China. And the app is called Douyin as an alternative to Tik Tok.

As at the time of writing this Tik Tok tutorial, the app has had over 1 billion downloads from the play store. It’s currently one of the most downloaded apps in the US and UK in December 2018.

Tik Tok is a mobile app for Android and iOS users to share a short video clip with background music. You can add the background music from Tik Tok music database. You can as well select your own music from your phone storage.

Change Tik Tok Password?

Here is how to change your password on Tik Tok app. These approaches work for both Android and iOS.

1. Launch the Tik Tok app

2. Go to your Tik Tok profile

3. Tap the menu option and click on privacy and settings

4. Click on manage my account

5. Tap change password

6. Create a new password and press the proceed button

7. Enter the Tik Tok verification code sent to your Tik Tok phone number and click proceed.

Reset Tik Tok Password

Here are steps to reset your Tik Tok password. Follow the procedures below.

1. Launch the Tik Tok app

2. Click on the head-gear icon

3. Enter your Tik Tok phone number and click proceed

4. Tap forgot password

5. Enter the Tik Tok verification code and create a new password

6. Tick the accept below and you are done

Change Tik Tok Phone Number

Here are the detailed procedures to change your old phone number to a new one on Tik Tok app.

1. Log in to your Tik Tok account using your Tik Tok username and password. You can change your Tik Tok username from number to your nickname following this guide.

2. Click on the head-gear icon to the bottom right and click on the menu option.

3. Click on Privacy & Settings

4. Select Manage my account

5. Tap Phone Number

6. Click on Change under the Change phone number

7. Enter your Tik Tok current phone number and do not forget to select your country code and press the arrow button to proceed.

8.  Enter Tik Tok change phone number verification code sent to your old Tik Tok phone number tap the mark to continue.

9. Enter your new Tik Tok phone and press the proceed button

10. Enter the verification code sent to your new Tik Tok Phone number and press the confirmation button.

Change Tik Tok Username

When you opened a new Tik Tok account, the username is always in digit which you may not like. However, to change it to your desired username if not taken by another user kindly follow these steps.

1. Launch the Tik Tok app on your device [Android, iOS, and PC]

2. Enter your Tik Tok login information by click on the head icon

3. You will be taken to your profile page where your TikTok ID looks like @user2984635

4. Click on the “Edit Profile” option

5. Click on the “head” icon below the head and type the new username

6. Click on the “Save” option to the top right

7. If the chosen username is available the TikTok app will save it as the new username else, the app will prompt a message that the username has been taken.

Tik Tok Not Working

If you are facing “Unfortunately, the app you trying to launch it has stopped working.

Go to your Android smartphone settings by swiping down the notification tray and click on the settings gear icon

Scroll down to apps or applications manager or apps manager. This varies and it all depends on phone producer and click on it.

Find the TikTok app from the list of apps you have installed. You can simply search for Tik Tok using the search box by typing “TikTok” and click on the search option.

You will be taken to the TikTok app info. In this section click on the option that says “Storage” just above “Data usage” and “Permission”.

Now click on clear caches. Do not touch the “clear data” option so as not to remove all your login information from the app.

Delete Tik Tok App

Finally, if you choose to take some time of Tik Tok you can delete your account. Or just take some time off the platform by deleting the app on your phone.

Meanwhile, once you deleted your Tik Tok account after 30 days it’ll be deleted permanently after the temporary delete grace.

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