How to Change Your Tik Tok Username

Once you have got your desired Tik Tok username idea after creating your TikTok account, the next is to edit your profile and change your default Tik Tok username to another one you got from the research. You need to make sure your TikTok username is cool and make the ID searchable for your friends and family that are also using the TikTok app.

The purpose of this guide is to guide you to change your TikTok username after you have downloaded and install the TikTok video app on your Android or iOS or Laptop/PC or Mac in other to start sharing short videos to engage your audience on the platform.

What is Tik Tok Username?

TikTok username is a unique identity which you choose to bear on the platform. It’s similar to a Twitter handle or an Instagram username. The unique username must be searchable, memorable, and above all, meaningful and portray what your TikTok channel is all about.

If you are picking a business related TikTok username it’s important to make sure that the username isn’t for fun and it will maintain its priority as regards the business.

There are different TikTok usernames you can select from, in fact, if you don’t want to rack your brain on the best ID for your TikTok, you can use an online platform to generate username that suits you and choose from various suggestions.

How to Change Tik Tok Username

Firstly, get a suitable username before changing your ID. At the moment, TikTok allows users to change username at will, but to build a brand on TikTok, you must stick to the same username. This guide is suitable for all devices. Be it iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows, and a MacOS device.

1. Launch the Tik Tok app on your device [Android, iOS, and PC]

2. Enter your Tik Tok login information by click on the head icon

3. You will be taken to your profile page where your TikTok ID looks like @user2984635

4. Click on the “Edit Profile” option

Tik Tok Username

5. Click on the “head” icon below the head and type the new username

Tik Tok Username

6. Click on the “Save” option to the top right

7. If the chosen username is available the TikTok app will save it as the new username else, the app will prompt a message that the username has been taken.

TikTok Username

Note: You can only change your Tik Tok username once in 30 days.

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