How to Use Tik Tok App on Web Browser

TikTok web browser allows users to login into their TikTok account using a web browser via the official portal of the platform.

TikTok web is similar to WhatsApp web to sync WhatsApp mobile to WhatsApp web. This is an official way to use TikTok on web browsers if you don’t want to rely on emulators for PC such as Bluestacks.

To use TikTok on Windows and Mac computer, you need to download emulator such as Bluestacks, GenyMotion, emulator to download TikTok APK and install it on your Windows PC.

Although, it’s through the official TikTok website that you will be able to access and use it on your PC.

For instance, you can access WhatsApp web on to sync your WhatsApp app to your Windows. You can also use the Opera app for quick access.

But there is no to access TikTok on a web browser which Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all have.

TikTok Web Using ARC Welder

ARC (App Runtime for Chrome) Welder is a Chrome extension to provide a Runtime for Chrome to be able to run APK package on browsers. ARC Welder is a popular extension with over 1,010,000 active users.

However, despite using ARC Welder for Tik Tok web, the limitation of this extension is that the plugin size measures 12.78MB from the Chrome extension download source but the file size is over 165MB.

Install ARC Welder

If you have the ARC Welder Chrome extension installed on your Chrome browser already, you should consider skipping this step. Else, to use TikTok on a web browser, this step is very important.

1.  Go to Chrome extension and search for “ARC Welder”

2. Click on “Add to Chrome”

Tik Tok Web

3. Done

The ARC Welder will be added to your Chrome extension’s list. Next, we’ll discuss how to install TikTok web using ARC Welder

TikTok on a Chrome Browser

Steps to install TikTok APK on the Chrome web browser using the ARC Welder Chrome extension.

1. Download TikTok APK to your computer desktop for easy access

2. Click on the Chrome menu option >> More Tools >> Extensions >> Developer Mode. You can also access all plugins via “chrome://extensions/”. Just copy and paste the URL in your Chrome and click on enter to open all extensions.

TikTok Web

Note: To make the ARC Welder Chrome plugin active you have to enable the developer’s mode.

3. Launch “ARC Welder” Chrome extension

Tik Tok Web

4. Click on “Choose File” and select a folder where you want to write the Tik Tok web app.

Tik Tok Web

5. Tap on “Add Your APK” and select “TikTok_v5.15_apk” app from the download folder.

6. Wait for a couple of seconds until the app is successfully uploaded and click on the test to launch your TikTok APK.

Tik Tok App

7. The TikTok app will be added successfully to your Chrome browser. To access TikTok we go to “chrome://apps/” without quotes and you are done.

Each time you want to use Tik Tok on the web just click on the APK app to launch via the ARC Welder app.

TikTok Web Browser

TikTok is now available for a web browser. This is similar to the Instagram web or WhatsApp web but with limited features. The TikTok web browser doesn’t feature the option to change your profile picture on the platform. So, you have to depend on the mobile app to change your profile picture.

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Tap on the “Watch Now” button to the top right of the screen.TikTok Web Browser
  • Tap on the “Login” button. You can tap on either of the logins. Login to TikTok
  • Select your login option from the list. Here in this guide, I will choose the option to log in with phone/email/username.Login option
  • To log in to your account with your phone number type your phone number otherwise tap on “Username” to sign in to your TikTok web account on your browser and tap “Login.”TikTok web browser
  • Arrange the verification to prove that you are not a bot.Verification
  • Enter the verification code TikTok send to your phone to login. You can also switch to log in with your password.Tiktok web browser

Now, you will be logged into your TikTok on your web browser. Here you can start sharing your videos, watch videos for you and interact with videos just like the way you do on mobile.

Note that you can use the steps above to login TikTok on Chrome browser or other browsers. Next, I am going to show you how to login TikTok on Chrome using an extension.

TikTok Login in Chrome using Extension

Various extensions are available to login TikTok in Chrome without using the official TikTok web or using the developer mode in your Chrome. So, in this tutorial, I will share with you guide to TikTok login in Chrome using an extension.

  • Launch your Chrome browser. If you don’t have a Chrome browser installed on your PC download it from here. Once you are on the Chrome page tap on “Download Chrome”. Make sure you have internet access to complete the installation.
  • Now, go to Chrome Store and search for TikTok extension and hit enter. On the screen, tap on “Add to Chrome” to download and install the extension on the browser.Install TikTok Chrome extension
  • Hover to the “Extension” icon on your browser navigation bar and tap on the option to pin the “Extension” so that you can access it fast.TikTok login in Chrome
  • This extension will pop up TikTok in Chrome like a mobile device with the option to log in. You can use the toggle button to switch between mobile and tab. It all depends on your Choice. Now, you need to tap on the “Login” button.TikTok Login
  • Choose the option to log in to your TikTok account from the options available. This is similar to the approach under the TikTok web browser without plugin above.

Now you can follow the instruction to log in to your TikTok on your web browser. Meanwhile, if you are logged in already on your Chrome you will be told you are already logged in.

How to Watch TikTok on Safari

Here is how to watch TikTok on Safari for iPhone users.

  • Open your Safari browser on your iPhone.
  • Visit “” on the browser.
  • Tap on “Watch Now”
  • Tap on the “Login” button to the top right.
  • Enter your TikTok username and password and hit the login button.
  • Once you are logged in you will be taken back to the TikTok home where you will be able to watch TikTok videos on the app without accessing the official app.

You can also go live on your iPhone using the “+” icon on your TikTok page with the Safari browser.


What you can do either on TikTok web or when you login in TikTok on Chrome using the extension is limited. As you cannot change your user name or profile picture. However, to enjoy the full feature of the platform, we recommend using the mobile app.

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