TikTok APK v5.1.5 download for Android for free and free installation guide. TikTok is a short-video social app to share a live event, a short skit with followers, video clip, and capture to share motion program on the platform.

TikTok APK download and other updates are available. New features are added. TikTok v5.1.5 doesn’t slow down your phone performance and it works like the official Tik Tok and Tik Tok Lite for slow internet connection.

The APK app is similar to the official TikTok app. However, the difference between the official TikTok and Tik Tok APK v5.1.5 is that the APK TikTok is the modified version of the app.

TikTok APK is a mod version with additional features. The Mod TikTok let users choose a username from the start rather than picking a desired username after registration.

For Android users, you can download TikTok app from the Google play store, follow the on-screen registration procedure to create a TikTok account and verify the account using the 4-digit codes sent to your mobile number or email account during registration.

You can also launch the Tik Tok APK to delete your Tik Tok account. Note, once you deleted your Tik Tok account you won’t be able to access it again.

Tiktok apk

TikTok APK Download for Android

Tik Tok APK releases newer version 5.1.5 for Android smartphones to share short videos with their fans. Firstly, we’ll discuss how to enable install from unknown sources.

Enable Install from Unknown Sources

You cannot install Tik Tok download APK app on an Android device without enabling install from unknown sources. Since you have downloaded the APK app from the link provided above, here is what to do before installing the APK app.

1. Swipe down the notification tray and click on the gear settings icon

2. Click  on the security option

Tik Tok APK

3. Scroll down and click on “unknown sources

TikTok APK v5.1.5 Download

4. Enable

Note: This is important to avoid an error message saying the APK app you are trying to install might contain unsafe contents.

Next, is to install the APK app downloaded from the above.

Install TikTok APK

Here are the steps to install the TikTok APK app on your Android smartphone.

1. Download TikTok APK V5.1.5 here

2. Swipe down your phone notification tray and click on Tiktok_apk_v5.1.5

3. Tap on “Install” to the bottom right on your phone

4. Wait until the installation process is complete and then log in to your Tik Tok account to start sharing your short videos, react to fans videos, and download Tik Tok videos on your phone using the Tik Tok APK v5.1.5

Update: Here is the step by step procedures to use Tik Tok web 

TikTok Now Working

Here is how to fix, unfortunately, TikTok has stopped working on your Android device. Just follow the procedures below.

1. Go to phone settings

2. Click on apps or applications manager

3. Click on the TikTok app

Tik Tok APK v5.1.5

4. Click on the storage option below the TikTok logo

Tik Tok APK v5.1.5

5. Click on clear caches

Tik Tok APK v5.1.5

6. Done

Now, restart the TikTok app the app will be working fine again. Note that the not working error can occur to both TikTop APK and the official TikTok app.

Tik Tok APK

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