How to Register your Device on

Amazon provides a web portal, to register smart devices online with an activation code. This then allows you to watch Amazon myTV videos on the registered device.

The basic requirement to link Amazon myTV to smart devices such as Apple TV, Roku, and even Fire TV or Firestick is a valid Amazon account with subscription, Amazon myTV activation code, and internet access to log in to the official website on

Meanwhile, you will not need to create a new account to link both smart TV and Amazon myTV site together if you already have an Amazon account.

What is the Essense of .com/myTV Verification Code

Amazon gives an activation code, sometimes, it’s will be a 6-digit code to grant access to movies on your Amazon account. The code is unique and can only be used for the particular device it’s generated for.

Sometimes, you may be asked to select your TV cable providers’ network to complete the activation.

Our Ultimate Guide on and to Watch Amazon Movies on Smart TVs including Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and Chromecast

Here in this our guide you will learn more of Amazon mvTV and how to activate selected devices.

Since you may want to use the device on a device other than Roku we will provide a general approach to download and install Amazon myTV app on all smart TVs.

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How to Get Verification

Here I am going to show you how to get www amazon com myTV verification on your Smart TV to activate the smart TV on the official website.

  • Launch your smart TV and press the red home button on your remote control.
  • Navigate to “Sign in” on your TV screen using the remote navigator and press “Enter.”
  • You will be given a verification code to use on [ verification.] Take note of this verification code.
  • Go to your phone browser or computer browser and go to the link on your TV screen to the right side of the verification code.
  • Sign in to your amazon account and tap “Register device.”
  • And on your TV the verification screen will show a success message that your device is registered.

How to Download and Install Amazon myTV App to Watch Movies on Apple TV, Roku, and Firestick and View www myTV Verification

If you are using Amazon Fire TV you may want to skip this. By default, the Amazon movies app will be preinstalled on your TV. However, for other devices, you need to follow the procedures below.

  • Switch on your Smart TV. This depends on the device that you are using.
  • Press the “Home” button on the remote control and navigate to “Featured apps” and select “Amazon Video App.”
  • Once you have selected to open the Amazon myTV video app tap on “Register on the Amazon Website.”
  • Take note of the “Amazon myTV activation code.” This is the code to link
  • your smart TV and your account on together to be able to watch your favourite Amazon movies on the smart TV you choose.Amazon mvTV activation code
  • Open your browser [on PC or mobile phone] and go to and sign in to your account on Amazon.Login
  • Enter the “Activation code for Amazon myTV” on your TV screen and hit on the Continue button.Enter Primevideo activation code
  • If the activation code you entered above is valid you will see a success message on your TV activation
  • Now, proceed to tap on “Continue” on your Amazon video app to start exploring the streaming app on your smart TV.

This approach is valid to activate Amazon myTV on Roku. And we have confirmed this on Apple TV and Samsung Galaxy TV. But, only on smart TVs. vs

The two sites are  Amazon movies website to activate the activation code on your TV screen are and

 To enter the  Amazon prime activation code that displays on your TV screen you first need to visit or Amazon myTV portal on your web browser, enter the code, tap Continue, and follow the instruction on the screen.

Both websites are own by Amazon Inc to activate Amazon Video app to watch and manage movies on smart TVs. If you are reading this guide from the United Kingdom, you will likely see on your TV screen.

How do I Fix Amazon myTV or PrimeVideo myTV Activation Code not Working

Without the activation code, you cannot link both your smart TV and Amazon movies centre together. However, when the Amazon myTV activation code isn’t working, it could mean that the code has expired or the code isn’t valid. Then, to generate a working activation code, follow the steps above and write down the activation code. On the side note, the activation code Primevideo or Amazon video is not case sensitive.

So, enter the code as seen on your TV screen. Enter the small letter where it’s written and type the capital letter as it’s.

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